In case you guys want to send me post mail, here is the address:
Casa blueEnergy
Vuelta San Pedro
frente a la casa del Dr Bacon
Bluefields - RAAS -
Of course, don't forget my name !!  And, please, let me know when you send it so that i can go and harrass the post office to have the chance to actually receive it !
I apologize i took so long before i came back to this blog; and it's not even today that i'll really update it.
As my  firefly sister would say: we just have to let go.
I learn professionally, emotionally and psychologically. My body goes through hundreds of funny disorders.... small things, i wish i were more organized: i would write everything down and share later...
There is just no way i remember everything naturally !
I think of Liene and Jessy, having a second child and feel so excited for them ! They are the parents i would have liked to have... to be, maybe, eventually ! I think of Klo coming back from her first travelling experience and it smiles inside of me ! I think of these years in China, and cannot believe it's been "so long ago". I realise how much i miss Asia. I think of Yicun becoming French and of my grand-father becoming a gardener....
My cousin T having his first girl-friend, my angel I settling down for good, making it happening, the workshop, the family house, couple real life in the countryside... and so many other thoughts mixed with memories: i'm so proud of my people !
In case i get bored or tired, i can always think of this human rainbow and feel blessed to have it on my, within me and around me. It makes me wanna deserve it, better myself and share it with you guys !
Shit i sound cheesy again! Gotta run, anyway. Crazy couple of weeks (lots of work to be done) starting today, i'll try to come back soonish on the blog and write more profound and revolutionary poetry !
May Lord Çiva protect each step of your ways !!!!!!