where to start ? or to continue, shall i say.
maybe with a sum up of this recently gone year.
New year 2009, a couple of weeks since got back to France (after a year away and my first ocean-sailing-across, my first step on Amercicas, my first connexion with the Latin one). As far as i remember, we celebrated it with my cousin Eudes, the man of all situations ! and i don't remember about the details, i do about the previous n.year eve details but let's not... !
Big big up a mon raisin qui tient une place speciale et indetronable dans ma vie !
Then the end of winter, Irina visiting me in Paris, my friends getting to know i'm back and another miniwhile spent at my grand-parents. Spring with fairy tales and blossoming inspirations : my Latz (Ilze and Linda) come to Paris, weather's beautiful, gaetan passes by too, i start feeling the need to fall inlove, life comes poetry and i start playing the harp again after 15 years without even touching a string !
This magic lasts for a few months, then i go back to my grand-parents and we start watching the mare whos's about to give birth : my grand-father had been stubborn and selfish, we all disagreed but now that she's as big as an elephant, there's no way i let her down with her breathing disorder (she just cannot push it out by herself) and this old man who keeps on denying his age and inability to handle the birth. The vet mistook the date, my grand-fater didn't even realise... we spent 3 sleepless weeks for nothing... 3 sleepless weeks later (coz she always kept her babies a bit longer than the 11 months she's meant to carry them in her belly) it finally comes....
it was coming... for hours... it died in her, we cut him (was a beautiful too big foal, in the wrong position and surrounded by a bunch of useless people, part of which i am) in two pieces, took the head away first to get access inside and grab the second leg, hidden underneeth the body, the second part then got pulled out eventually, a bit after 6am, after almost four hours of bloody struggle, transe and pain.
I couldn't be of any help anymore so i just took off, needed to leave their place. Went to Germany and Latvia (Irina and da Latz again ! -love you girls), met Lubeck in between : amazing community, welcoming cosy place, comfortable feeling, clever way of living, great little simple memories (Stefan, Arne, Ben, Pjoder : you rock !! Brion, i certainly don't forget about you, neither do i about the tall thin man, working with silver, cooking like a 3-star-chef, juggling and speaking Spanish to me coz it reminded him Mexico)
Then Summer was already over, i got back as i promised, decided to earn some money to pay for harp renting and more lessons, as well as Arabic classes. i also wanted to put some money aside for a next trip (Africa or New York or China with India, Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar involved at some point... or Colombia again and Peru again, but just crossing to reach Bolivia, then Chile y Argentina, or Australia and Micronesia...).
I was doing what i regularly do : Mom matters, Yicun's papers, seeing friends and my grand-parents.
While i get an actual real first shot at "job hunting" i find, the blueEnergy website by chance. The full story is longer but you're lucky i'll spare you from details. In early October i have a first contact and at the end of the month i'm officially accepted !
They say they'd like me to come right away, i negociate for the 15th, thus i spend my last couple of weeks with my cousin, driving towards South, visiting other relatives and cousins, through beautiful magical Ardeche down to Mediterranea ! at some point i get to know i cannot go before the 27th because i'll have a 4-day-training as a VSI (international solidarity volunteer : rather new French status), so i book for the 28th, amber visits me on the very last week-end and you already know about the rest.
I thought i'd quit, and put an end to this blog that was created on the sea, my (Martial's mother's but mine it felt, back then) house was on the beach, while i was at the computer i could hear the waves and by a 15-minute-bike-ride would reach the boatyard where we were getting everything together, ready to finally leave.
BLUEWAY had no connexion to blueEnergy obviously, when you sail the ocean, your way is blue (and tones of other colours too), as i was travelling, i had a way.
See, spending a year in Bluefields is part of my way, if i could type Chinese characters i would write DAO here, coz it feels like a simple yet profound choice of path, way of living, to be here doing what i came to do, it is my way, and, in Bluefields for blueEnergy... -adding the nostalgic touch of this previous week with family gatherings, the funny dreams i had and some memories coming back to me- it's definitely blue !