Tellement a raconter en peu de temps deja, suis a Bluefields depuis lundi soir et dois me mettre a la page, beaucoup de commentaires, de conseils et d'anecdotes entendus, sans mentionner les rapports de ce qui a ete fait et les projets en cours plus ceux a venir... ca bouillonne a la casa bluenergy !
Pour ce qui concerne les details de ce que j'apprends et mes premieres impressions sur le travail et le groupe : je reserve l'autre blog a toutes ces lignes que je suis encore trop fatiguee pour bien ecrire.
About my journey to get here it was (as expected probably) much longer than expected. First i got a few minutes later to Managua than written on my e-ticket and much more exhausted than i would have thought. I mean i knew i'd be tired but i wouldn't have thought i'd be so obsessed with it : at some point i just wanted to sleep n didn't give a shit anymore about anything else !
The airport transits were annoying but nothing one cannot overcome, you just have to "switch off" and function like a robot in shiny over loud areas where everybody runs, queues up or checks your papers. FREAKY ! hatably freaky.
And Miami airport.... oh gosh ! a disaster, i kindda liked the unorganised feeling about it though, even if it stressed me out a little bit coz i almost missed my plane as the travel agent (and i thank him for finding the cheapest deal anyway)had booked with only an hour in between each flight and you queue up forever at the migration check point (the police officer even told me "well, you might as well catch your plane if you're lucky but you'd better hurry" while taking his time to scan my finger prints and shoot me with his webcam). I also liked hearing so much Spanish, it is Latin America in the US, me gusto !! do you know that 40 percents of the USA residents have Spanish as mother tongue ?! 40 !
Marvin couldn't come to pick me up but luckily Lâl (one of the 3 guys who launched blueEnergy) came and i stayed at theirs (with Anne Sophie and their baby Neils). Was great coz the following day was Sunday and they couldn't be bothered to wake at 4am to take me to the bus station, so i stayed one full day with them, they took me to Granada with another couple (friends of theirs with their baby too), we ate well and then went to a beautiful laguna of an ancient volcano, to swim and relax...
Life is so hard sometimes ! I'm grateful for this smooth transition. On Monday morning Marvin was available and i woke very early to catch the first bus to Rama (6ish hours in theory) a bit more than 7 hours afterwards i got there and saw the panga leaving: "La panga" is a fun engine boat (como la loncha de la costa norte de Colombia) that goes over the river from Rama to Bluefields, back and forth, usually, even if there's no time table as WE LEAVE WHEN WE'RE FULL, we know there is 7 pangas leaving per day and they sell tickets including bus and boat reservation if you go from  Managua to Bluefields which means you're "sure" you shouldn't wait too long in between (!!!). As the bus was (can i call it late when there is no time table ?!!) not on time enough, i couldn't get on board for reasons of security : no more and no less than 20 people. More than three and a half hours later i finally got on the next panga and so did 23 more people, plus the pilote...
It was a beautiful ride !!! i cried because of the wind so strongly blowing in my eyes that i couldn't afford to close in front of so much beauty. I thank this wind (or our speed shall i say to be technically correct ?) to pull a few tears out of me and spread them in the river ! so much beauty !! it reminded me Amazonas a bit.
One hour and 45 min flew like a second, too fast but fortunately these moments remain forever in me ! I don't see any better way to arrive to where i'm gonna stay, live and work for a year... maybe with a sailing boat and slowlier ? So happy i didn't make another airport connexion to fly til here !
First impressions : smell of fish, feeling of salty water in my hair, heat and humidity, caribean music and my body as dead as my mind, only the soul remains alife, the other two couldn't carry on with so much tireness !
i gotta go now, next week my "computer situation" shall be nicer ¡ OJALA ! and i'll write about the welcoming, the house, the city.
so far so good.